Health Benefits of Hot Tubs & Spas for 2016

Relaxation and stress relief are the main results of hot tubs and spas. However, did you know there are many more health benefits to warm water therapy? Heat, buoyancy and massage are the three main healing factors of warm water therapy, resulting in a relaxing experience that relieves stress AND provides a variety of health benefits when used in conjunction. Anything from arthritis to stress can be controlled by the use of hot tubs and spas.

Here are the top 2016 health benefits of spas.

1. Arthritis. If you suffer from arthritis, you know there’s no better relief than soaking in a spa or hot tub. In addition to loosening the joints, such immersion in warm bubbly water reduces the force of gravity compressing the joints, decreases swelling and inflammation, and boosts your circulation. In fact, the Arthritis Foundation says this form of alternative therapy helps a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including fibromyalgia, lower back pain and arthritis.

2. Stress and sleep. Endorphins that reduce stress are released when the body is massaged by warm water and hydrotherapy jets. This also helps dilate blood vessels and keep headaches away. If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, take a soak in a hot tub or spa before heading to bed to ease the transition so you get a restorative night’s sleep.

3. Diabetes. Using a hot tub every day can lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels to result in a higher quality of life for diabetics. Studies have shown that hydrotherapy can control the effects of diabetes, reducing the average blood sugar level by 10 to 15 percent.

4. Multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Spas and hot tubs can help with depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendonitis and scoliosis. It also gives you muscle relaxing and joint loosening benefits if you suffer from debilitating muscle diseases such as multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

5. Muscle and joint pain. Athletes have known for many years the positive effects of hydrotherapy on the muscles and joints. Hot tubs not only loosen and relax the skin, but also increase blood circulation to injured areas. They also encourage the flow of nutrients to repair any damage that may have occurred.

All those hydrotherapy studies revealing the health benefits of hot tubs and spas can’t be wrong: there are several reasons why you should immerse yourself in warm water with massage jet action. Relax your muscles, lower your blood pressure, feel stress melt away, and loosen your joints.

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10 Innovative Ideas For Your Next Manicure

A manicure can be more than a getting a nail trim and choosing a new color. It can reflect a seasonal style, showcase a specific design, or use contrasting colors to throw some whimsy into the look. Here are ten fun suggestions to use on your next trip to the nail salon.

1) Throw in some sparkle

Without going overboard, silver or gold glitter can make fingernails pop. It’s a versatile style as well. Glitter can cover the whole fingernail, or just cover the outer edge to highlight a more conservative color.

2) Mirror nails

Mirror nails use a reflective service to catch the light and everyone’s eye in the room. Use these with a dark backdrop, such as a black dress, to stand out.

3) Mix and match colors and finishes

Don’t be afraid to experiment with both colors and finishes on the same finger. For example, a gold band with a glossy finish next to a maroon matte base can look striking.

4) Polka-dot madness

Polka-dots are a fun, flexible design. The dots themselves can either be multicolored or a single color. Rainbow dots against a black base goes with anything. The dots can be any size, depending on how bold the customer wants to be.

5) Add in a Hand Massage

A manicure can be more than a style upgrade. Try a hand massage next time you’re at the salon. Studies show that a hand massage relaxes the muscles as well as the mind. In addition, they feel good, and the massaging lotion will reinvigorate the hands and skin.

6) Irregular Patterns

Not every pattern has to be predictable. A popular way to mix things up is to invert the color selection on one finger, such as a white lacquer with red edge, except for one finger that is all red. It’s a creative way to stand out and let the secondary color take center stage for a moment.

7) French Tips

A French tip typically starts with longer, blocky nails. Then the emerging part of the nail can stand in contrast to the rest of the nail. Don’t be afraid to throw a swirling or zigzag design on the tips to take advantage of this trend.

8) Try a Gel Manicure

Acrylic nails have been around for years, but the gels are on the rise. Start with a natural color to see if they match your preferred aesthetic, and they get increasingly daring the next time around.

9) The Ruffian

This style paints close to the nail bed and frames the primary color. Use a darker color along the ridge of the nail and fill the rest in with a lighter shade for an easy, mature look.

10) Get a Surprise!

Depending on the nail salon, a customer could let the manicurist choose the design for a surprise. They often have a deep reserve of colors and patterns with from which to draw. A few suggestions can help guide the style preference for those who get nervous with complete surprises.

Spa Body Treatments

We can probably all guess that massage is the number one treatment that people get at the local spa. Massages are relaxing and have many benefits that come with them, but so do body scrubs and these treatments are largely the bridesmaids of the spa menu. Not sure what to expect from a body scrub? Well, read on!

Body scrubs go by a lot of different names. They can be called a body polish, a salt glow or a sea-salt scrub just to name a few. Whatever the name, the process is pretty much the same with all of the scrubs; the aim is to exfoliate and soften the skin.

You will start by laying on a typical massage table and the scrub will be applied by a trained professional. They may contain salt, sugar apricot kernels, coffee grounds, oatmeal or any other abrasive ingredient along with essential oils and usually some sort of aromatic ingredient for added appeal, and according to the recipe that you have chosen. The abrasive ingredient works to rid the body of the old dingy cells to reveal younger looking cells that are just under the surface. The oil helps to give your body that soft feel.

After about fifteen minutes of application and massaging of the scrub into your body, you will be asked to shower the scrub off. This leaves your skin feeling invigorated and soft. If you are having both a body scrub and a massage, the experts suggest doing the massage secondly in the day.

Other takes on body scrubs are the body mask or wrap where mud, algae or seaweed is applied to your body and followed by a thermal wrap. This detoxifies the body and stimulates the metabolic system that helps the body rid itself of waste products.

A typical hydrating treatment consists of a thick cream or lotion being applied to the body and then being wrapped in the thermal blanket. This allows the lotion to penetrate the skin for a deep down hydration and that soft skin we all strive for.

While massages will likely be the number one choice at the spa for a while to come, now you know what to expect from a wrap or scrub maybe, just maybe they will become a little more popular too. With the benefits that they hold and the fact you can do them with a massage on the same day, why not try one for yourself?