Nail Artistry

Nail art. It’s creative and sometimes crazy. It is ingenious and sometimes wacky. It is interesting, sometimes festive but always arty. Nail art is something that a lot of people do, with nail salons featuring manicures and pedicures booming and seemingly on every corner. Some people opt to get their nails done by a professional, others go it alone and it’s part of the fun of many a slumber party. But where did it originate?

Painting our nails come from Ancient Egyptians where women would dye their nails with henna to indicate their social status. If you were in the lower classes, your nails would be pastel or neutral colours, leaving the bold jewel tones, the deep, bold shades to those in the upper classes.

Around the same time, in Babylonia it was the men who were dedicated to nail painting and nail art. They would either sport green or black nails, black for the noblemen and green for the common man and they would paint the nails as they prepared for war. They would also curl their hair and partake in additional beautification processes all before heading out to fight.

At around 3000 BC, in China, nail polish was first made. It was formulated from beeswax, gelatin, egg whites, vegetable dyes and gum arabic. The people would dip their nails into the mixture and let it sit for a few hours before being allowed to dry. The colours ranged from pink to red depending on the specific ingredients and how long you had left your nails to soak in the mixture.

That’s all about painting nails one colour, but in the Inca Empire they actually painted eagles on their nails and by 1770 the first manicure sets were created and widely available for purchase. By the 1800’s people were getting ‘modern’ manicures or what we would think of as modern anyway, and in 1907 the first modern nail polish was developed. At first it was just clear, but through the years they added colours and well, we know how many different colours and features nail polish of today has.

Today we have shiny polish, matte polish and polish with glitter added. We can have velvet manicures, we can have pictures painted on our nails and we are not limited to one colour for all 10 fingers or toes, as the fashion dictates at least one fingernail be a different colour. What’s next with nails??

Why Fitness Is The Essence Of Overall Wellness

If you are looking forward to overall wellness, then you have got to know that fitness is the essence of it. Unlike the popular perception, achieving fitness is not that difficult. You can’t judge the fitness of a person by just looking at that person. Experiences have taught me that the fittest looking person might not be the one who impresses you with his or her fitness levels. So, it’s pointless to have unrealistic views about fitness. As far as fitness is concerned, the health of your heart is extremely important. Probably, you lack a typically “fit” looking body. But that doesn’t mean that you are not fit. You can be fit irrespective of the way your body looks. Cardio fitness is the real measure for fitness. If you are really serious about fitness, then you have to channel your energies to improve the health of your heart. When your heart is healthy, other aspects like increased lung capacity, strong bones, strong muscles, weight loss etc. will follow.

Understanding the concept of fitness

In today’s world obsessed with fitness, we have complicated the concept of fitness. According to the basic definition, fitness is all about your ability carry out your daily chores without fatigue. A fit person will be able to carry out his chores with alertness and vigour. Back in the day, people used to have that ability. They were all physically active. They were all fit. So, there was no need to talk about fitness. However, things have changed a lot. Lifestyle diseases have become common these days. We do very less physical activities as our jobs force us to stay glued to our seats all day long with zero physical activity. And that has contributed to lot of lifestyle diseases. No wonder why we talk about fitness more these days because we are all worried about our fitness levels. Lack of physical activities made us susceptible to all sorts of health problems.

Significance of fitness

The sedentary lifestyle has made way for lot of diseases. And people have realized the significance of regular exercise to stay fit. However, not too many are able to follow it given the hectic lifestyle. If you want to stay away from many diseases, then it is important to do cardio exercise on a regular basis. As we all know, heart disease has been one of the notorious silent killers. Stroke, diabetes, colon cancer etc. are other diseases which are connected to lack of fitness. There are plenty of benefits for regular exercise. Besides the health benefits, you will be able to control your weight as well. In turn, you will be able to fight aging too.

Psychological benefits of exercise

Exercise has many psychological benefits as well. When you exercise, it releases the feel good hormone endorphins, which significantly reduces stress. And it will elevate your mood as well. It has the ability to fight depression as well. If you are one those fitness freaks who exercise on a daily basis, then you will have a positive attitude towards life. Also, you tend to have better self-esteem. Exercise gives you better sleep at night. You never complain about fatigue either. Last but not least, regular exercise can improve your memory as well.

The amount of exercise to stay fit

Well, this has been a hotly debated topic for years. Different people will give different advice. But one thing is definite – regular exercise is the best strategy. How long should you exercise? Well, 30 minutes a day would be more than enough. And if you are able to extend to an hour then it is better. Some people would suggest that doing exercise 5 times a week is a good strategy. Well, doing it every day is a far more effective strategy. Exercise is like drinking coffee. Your brain gets addicted to the feel good hormones and craves for it every day. For the same reason, your brain will remind you to do exercise every day. That’s like following a natural clock. Your brain knows what is best for your body. Therefore, doing it every day will make it easier for you to get adjusted to the natural cycle.

Remember, fitness is the key to your overall well-being. So, it is time for you to embrace it!

Learning the Art of Living Well

Living well through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes enables us to live empowered lives. It actively enhances our health to function at an optimal level.

In order for you to reach your goal of optimal health, start by having a plan, starting small and doing an activity that you love everyday. It could dancing, walking and swimming or any other physical activity that you have fun doing. Getting enough sleep and relaxation vital too. Relaxation techniques such as yoga and deep breathing really help to rejuvenate the body. Also, we all need to be motivated in order to make our lifestyle changes more permanent.

The High Raw Diet

Eating a healthy diet that consists of fresh raw vegetables, greens and fruits as well as some cooked whole food helps to provide optimal nourishment for your body both in the short and long-term. Raw food is food that is not heated beyond 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw food is full of life, energy from the sun, enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants needed by the body to function at the optimal levels. This helps decrease the risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke etc. Raw food also helps to enhance digestion and elimination of waste from the body.

The high raw diet is a diet made up of mostly greens, vegetables and fruit as well as whole cooked food which goes a long way in providing the body with essential nutrients, enzymes, minerals and fiber. Including organic grass-fed meat in your diet can help provide the body with the necessary nutrients for great health long-term.


Exercise, quite simply, is physical activity that enhances physical fitness. There are a lot of benefits associated with regular exercise such as reducing the risk of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Exercise also increases oxygen and blood supply to the muscles and organs of the body. It reduces bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and increases good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). Exercise is also known to be a mood enhancer because it helps to reduce depression and anxiety These are just some of the many benefits of exercising on a regular basis. It’s always good to follow an exercise regime to enhance your overall health and well-being.

Try to follow an exercise regime that is best for you and will result in your enhanced overall health and well-being.

There is a lot of scientific research on exercise and how it can directly affect your health. These studies can help you learn how to apply the information in your life order to reach your goal of optimal health. Learning how to enhance your physical fitness with physical activity is crucial for long-term success.

Best Colon Hydrotherapy

The colon, found in the large intestine, is one of the final stages in the digestive system – it is where your body reabsorbs nutrients and processes waste product. As with most bodily functions, there is only so much the colon can take and, when overloaded, you may experience problems such as constipation and a lapse in energy. Exercise and healthy eating will benefit both colon and digestive health vastly, however, to ensure optimum colon and digestive health, consider colon hydrotherapy.

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, is the process of gently rinsing the colon with warm water to remove excess faeces and toxins such as gas and mucus by gently infusing water via the rectum. Colon hydrotherapy is an entirely natural process which uses no chemicals or drugs, making it a completely healthy, efficient, and affordable way to get your colon back in top form.

Just some of the benefits of colon hydrotherapy include:

Improved Digestive Health
The digestive system is one of the most critical areas of the body – it’s where nutrients from the food you consume are absorbed, keeping your body functioning as it should. If you experience occasional constipation, it’s likely to be a result of harmful toxins lingering in your body, preventing the absorption of essential nutrients – when this happens, your immune system will not fight bacteria efficiently, which may result in you picking up common illnesses, such as colds and flu, more often.

Thankfully, colon hydrotherapy helps to purge toxins from your body, relieving constipation and allowing your body to absorb the nutrients it needs for optimum function.

To keep your digestive system working properly, have your colon cleansed every few months.

Increased Energy Levels
When you are constipated, your body is unable to absorb the nutrients it needs to function properly, which may lead to you feeling tired and sluggish. Always feeling tired can have many detrimental effects, including excessive weight gain due to lack of regular exercise. Low energy levels can also affect your mental health which can cause long-term illness such as depression and anxiety.

A healthy body means a healthy mind, which results in a happier you. Keep your colon free of toxins to prevent dilapidated energy levels and consequent weight gain and adverse mental health.

Kick-start your Detox Diet with Colon Hydrotherapy

If you’re feeling run down, a full detox diet might be just what you need. To begin your detox diet, complete a colon hydrotherapy session from as little as £69. After, complete a juice cleanse for a few days to a week. Once you have cleansed your body of its toxins, you can start afresh with an effective exercise routine and healthy diet plan to keep your body and mind feeling top-notch year-round.

Whether you’re feeling constipated, sluggish, and run down, colon hydrotherapy benefits the body in more ways than one – try it today and feel the benefits immediately.